Spring Season for Crew

The Spring season for crew has all but come and gone now.  It was another fast and busy couple of months that flew by.  Like last year, it started with our club’s own regatta, the Burton Beach Invitational.  This would be the second annual occurrence of that prestigious event.

It was cold and wet and a very long day, but another success.  Only one rower went into the water this year, better than last year’s three rowers.  So that was another improvement.  Of course, no one was actually injured, and all the other events went off without incident.

Our club is quite a bit bigger this year, with several new, younger rowers.  We have eighth-graders through high school seniors and no lack of enthusiasm on the parts of either rowers or parents.

At different points during this season, our club sent rowers to New Zealand, China and Canada.  Our family and rower didn’t make it to any of those international events due to other commitments.

In preparation for Regionals, we were once again invited to the Vancouver Lake Scrimmage.  This is the same course as the NW Regional Championships, and the event is one week before that, so it’s a great opportunity for our team to practice.  And the weather couldn’t have been better.

Even though it’s just for practice, it’s still a 2k course and can be challenging for our youngest rowers.

Next, we went back down to Vancouver (city in Washington State) for the actual NW Regional Championships.  It’s a very different atmosphere from the scrimmage the week before.  For Regionals, there is an ocean of people at the lake, with events starting every few minutes for the entire weekend. The weather was threatening rain almost the whole time.

Last year our club sent a pair to Nationals, so of course that crew was competing again this year.  Once again they qualified and will be a stronger force at Nationals this year.

We had a women’s single qualify as well, so we’ll be sending 3 rowers to Sarasota for the National Championships.  Technically, Regionals is the last regatta of the Spring season.  Even though the season feels short, it is emotional.  When it’s over, there is both a sense of relief and loss.  Here’s a shot of some of our parents capturing a group photo of the rowers.

Next up is the National Championships in Florida, which I will unfortunately not be attending.  After that, our rower will be home for only 2 days before heading out to Connecticut for the entire summer to train with the Junior National Team.

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