We’re well into the fall regatta season, and last weekend the Burton beach Rowing Club was up in Bellingham at Lake Samish for Seattle Rowing Center’s Row2Remember.  It’s a beautiful area, especially at this time of the year, but the weather was a little challenging.

It was so foggy the first morning, the races were delayed by a few hours.  We even had to bring the rowers who had already launched back onto shore.

This gave some of us parents time to explore the quaint little town of Fairhaven, where we ended up having several excellent meals over the weekend.  Once the races started, though, they came fast and furious.  The BBRC was involved in many. many events.

I ended up taking more than 1300 pictures over the course of two and a half days.  A higher percentage than normal turned out to be keepers, so I hope you’ll visit the large gallery that came together for this regatta.

This was a time of constantly-changing weather and light conditions.  There was plenty of sun.

And plenty of . . . not so much sun.

Being a smaller club, I don’t recall if we’ve ever rowed an 8 before.  At this regatta, we were able to put together a women’s 8, and that was pretty exciting.

They rowed in the not-so-sunny weather.

Of course, we’re most proud of our own Gabbie Graves.  Fresh back from the US National Team, she rowed in EIGHT events this weekend.

Her boats came in first in just about every race, and the rest of our little club did very well too.  It was a very good, if a little soggy, regatta, and we hope to be invited back next year.

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