Pre-Wedding Pictures for Caroline and Scott

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take the pre-wedding pictures for Caroline and Scott.  They were getting married in Seattle the following day but got all dressed up for some pictures on The Island first.  We started the shoot on the beautiful grounds of the Tesoro de Luz retreat center.

The bride was beautiful, the groom was dashing, and both were a pleasure to work with.  They even brought refreshments for everyone and explained to me how to pronounce La Croix.  There were, of course, plenty of fairly formal posed portraits.  Gotta have those for the relatives.

But the couple’s personalities insisted on some improvisation as well.  This wasn’t the only sequence of the bride running to her groom.

We couldn’t help but take a few, somewhat cheesy, symbolic pictures as the couple walks down the path together.  Awww.

And this location provided endless possibilities for settings and backgrounds.  We easily could have spent several days on the property and still not taken full advantage of every available space to shoot.  Truly, we barely scratched the surface, and I hope to make it back there some time soon.

What made the day so enjoyable for me, as the photographer, was how naturally their love for each other came through in the pictures.  We went through countless poses and posing adjustments, but ultimately it was their relationship with each other that was on display, that and really made the images special.

The weather was also cooperative.  We’d had our typical gray and rainy skies the two days before this.  In fact, it was a little overcast and windy on this very morning.  It’s a very good thing I had an assistant to hold the lighting equipment down because that stuff sails in just a little bit of wind.  We did have a couple crashes, but fortunately my subjects were never under the light stand when it came down.

From the retreat center, we went to the Maury Island Marine Park.  For such a small island I live on, I’d never been to either of these places before this day.  I’ve got to get back to both.

We timed out arrival at the Marine Park for sunset. It was unusually busy, and there’s a little bit of a hike involved, but eventually we got to the shore during the hallowed golden hour.  My favorite series of images from the day came from a suggestion from our friend and assistant Liz.  I’d been behind the couple, taking pictures of them looking out to see, with the sunset light on their backs, when she suggested I walk around to the front.

I had to let go of the notion that, since we were at a Marine Park, there must be water in the pictures.  The Puget Sound may be to my back in these images, but I love the halo of light the low sun provided.

Even Mt. Rainier even came out for an appearance.

The two were married the following day and then whisked off to the next state over – Hawai’i – for their honeymoon.  I wish them all the success and happiness in the world and would love to have another photo shoot with them, just because.

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