Tail of the Lake Regatta

There was a one-day crew regatta this past Sunday at Gasworks park.  I had to drop off my rower well before dawn, so I had a chance to take some non-crew pictures before the sun came up.  There’s a great view of the Seattle skyline from the park.

I’ve always wanted to visit Gasworks Park, but this was my first time there.  As much as I wanted to shoot all the super cool structures, I was there for the regatta.  The only “gasworks” I shot were before there was any light in the sky.

That’s one of the trucks used for setting up the regatta tents.  The light is coming from one of those tents, the medal station I believe.  The long, 30-second exposure provided the movement for the clouds.  There was a tremendous amount of goose poop everywhere.

When the sun started to come up, the city looked a little different.

You can see that the wind was starting to move the water around a bit.  It only got worse as the day went on, but Pacific NW rowers aren’t used to competing on glassy water.

Here’s a shot of the real photographer on the course that day.  He got to stand on top of that boat the whole time and probably has much better views than I did.  But I got to talk to more people.

That’s our junior novice men’s 8 boat in the foreground.  They were waiting to cross the course to get back to the staging area.  It was a crazy, 4k course around Lake Washington.  After circumnavigating most of the late, the crews had to navigate a sharper-than-90-degree turn that put them on the final stretch.  This was a timed head-race, so once a flight started, there was a constant stream of boats in motion.  To get back to the staging area crews had to actually cross over the course at that incredible turn.

Also, there was commercial traffic still happening.

The lake wasn’t closed off to its normal activities, so the crews had to contend with commercial and private watercraft as well as the occasional waterplane.

I know I wouldn’t have been quite ready to race in this one.  But our team did fantastic as always.  Here’s our Masters Men’s Quad:

One of our Junior Men’s Doubles:

And our Varsity Junior Women’s Double:

These two would go on to win gold when they raced with the two JV Junior Women in a quad.  Here’s the end of that run:

As usual, it was a pretty successful day for the Vashon Island Rowing Club, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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