Orlando This Year, Again

Every year my company puts together a conference for a week in some US city.  This year it was in Orlando, FL.  That’s the same Orlando, FL as in 2013.  This is the first repeating city we’ve had, but that’s okay.  Seattle is having the wettest year on record, and it was nice to get to sunny Florida for a while.

We don’t have a tremendous amount of free time during the week, so I try to make my outings count.  The Orlando Eye Ferris wheel was close to our hotel, so we took a quick Uber over there to check out the view.  My first thought was what view?

Disney World?  Universal Studios?  The ocean?  No, that’s the roof and parking lot for Lockheed Martin, with Universal Boulevard in the foreground.  And that’s the view from on top of the Eye.  A particularly loquacious Uber driver later in the evening (not our next driver, but the next-next one) confirmed that the city picked a terrible location for this attraction.  There’s noting to see except the Orlando Eye itself.

After the Eye, we got in another Uber and headed downtown.  Between the disappointment of the Ferris wheel and our discomforting second driver, we weren’t in a very good mood at this point.  All that changed when we arrived at Lake Eola Park right at sunset.  I’ve been told this hasn’t always been a pleasant place for families and those not looking to score drugs, but it was plenty comfortable when I was there.

Man, were there a lot of birds.  Swans (even black ones, which I didn’t know existed), geese of different varieties and ducks.  There was also a pigeon or two . . . million.  That’s one flock of pigeons alighting from a deck raining as I was taking the above shot.  It wasn’t planned.  This group of birds kept settling back onto the railing and then exploding off of it every few minutes.

The band this year was the Beach Boys.  Mike Love and Bruce Johnston gave us a private show that was very nice.  They’re getting up there in age, so there wasn’t a lot of dancing around, but they can definitely still play and sing.

Mike Love . . .

Bruce Johnston . . .

Modern technology gave them the opportunity to have the late Carl Wilson sign lead on one of the songs with the band backing him up live on stage.  I really should have made a note of which song that was, but I was so impressed with the synchronicity that I just stood there watching and listening and not really thinking.

I didn’t mention that the opening talk was given by Story Musgrave.  If you don’t know who that is, please do yourself a favor (really) and look up his life story.  You’d think it would be enough for a man to be a space-walking, Hubble-telescope-repairing astronaut, but he was also a neurosurgeon for over 20 years as well.  And those are only a couple of the interesting things he’s done.  Hearing him speak was inspiring and very motivational.  It’s with him that I took my first celebrity selfie ever.

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