Quick Trip To Arizona

We started 2017 with a quick trip down to Arizona. The idea was to get away and take a break from the cold, wet weather in Seattle for a few days. Where were we in Arizona? Starting in Phoenix, highway 60 takes you east into Tempe. Tempe transitions into Mesa, and then mesa fades into smaller cities and towns as you move further east. It’s a multi-mile urban sprawl, and we went to the point where it almost peters out into desolation.  The road is called the Superstition Freeway at this point, and that was appropriate because we were traveling on, wait for it, Friday the 13th.

The Superstition Freeway takes you past the Superstition Mountains and the towns of Apache Junction and Gold Canyon. For the long weekend, we stayed at a house in the community of Peralta Trail, right in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains and perhaps a lost gold mine.

For this trip that was supposed to be a weather getaway . . . it rained. It rained hard and long. It was the divisional weekend for the NFL, so we did have a little something to do indoors. We got to see the Seahawks get knocked out of the playoffs by Atlanta.  🙁  Still, the temperature was about 10 degrees warmer than back home, and it was a nice change of scenery.

The nicest day was Monday, and that’s when we visited Lost Dutchman State park. The story of the Lost Dutchman (who was German) is an interesting one. From what I can tell, there is no fully-accepted story on missing gold, marauding Indians or Civil War-era intrigue. There are only myths and rumors and multiple rich stories that are probably just that – stories.

The park is very much a tourist destination, but it’s still fairly interesting and fun for all that. Our server at lunch was dressed like she just got off her shift at the bordello; you can buy all manner of knives, tomahawks and brass knuckles at the gift shops; and there’s a shootout with desperados every hour.

The highlight of the park, for me, was the Mystery Shack. Apparently the night before our visit, some people who probably spent too much time at the saloon broke into the Shack and sprayed the fire extinguishers all over the place. This made for an interesting smell as we toured the unsteady grounds and added to the, well, mystery of the place.  I really hope this is the first of many visits to Mystery Shacks around the world.  I want to be a Mystery Shack aficionado.

Although it was a short, rainy trip, it was still a good change of pace, and we enjoyed ourselves. Tommy can have fun anywhere, and he learned a good lesson about not playing with cactuses (cacti? whatever).  He learned that pointy things can be pokey and are not to be fondled.

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