No Tulips for Tommy

This is a quick one-fer to share an image from over the weekend.  The original plan was just to get out of the house for a few hours, but that turned into an all-day thing which included a trip to the Skagit Valley.  See, they grow tulips in the Skagit Valley, and every spring it’s a kind of a big deal to visit the area and check out the local farms.  There are massive fields for selling flowers and bulbs and also exquisitely designed gardens.  I wrote a little something about it a few years ago.  Anyway, we made the drive up there only to discover that we were about a week too early.  The tulips were just . . . about . . . to open up in an explosion of color, but almost none of them were quite there yet.

There were, however, daffodils, and I got a picture of Tommy walking through those fields.

We discovered during this outing that Tommy doesn’t like to walk on natural ground.  Although a prodigious walker since the age of 10 months, he’s only run around indoors.  I’m thinking that the uneven surface of real ground freaks him out a little bit, so now it is our goal to get him more comfortable with walking outside.  To that end, we had him walk around our backyard the following morning.

I guess this isn’t a one-fer anymore (also, that second picture was taken and processed with a smartphone, not a DSLR).  You’re getting two Tommy pictures, taken on back-to-back days, with some nice scenery in the background.  I hope he eventually appreciates the area in which he’s growing up.

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