Marymere Falls in the Winter

It was late February when we took a day trip into the Olympic National Park.  The weather was mild for this time of year, but it was still gray, rainy and a little chilly.  Although there would be no pictures of blue skies and white, puffy clouds, the overcast sky made the colors of the forest really pop.  Here is my step daughter, who couldn’t resist getting in on the action, taking almost as many pictures as I did.

It’s a very short hike from the nearest parking lot to Marymere Falls, but a sign told us it would take about an hour and a half.  We scoffed.  Surely an easy 1.8 mile walk would be quick.  We did not account for how slowly we would walk through the beauty of nature and ended up taking longer.

It was challenging to capture just how green everything was.  I was well aware that this was a lush rainforest, but we felt like we were inside another world.

There’s a tree in there somewhere.

Along the walk to the falls, you pass a creek where the water is always flowing briskly.  I tried to shoot this same thing a few years ago.  I don’t know, was it better this time?

Just past the creek, there are two bridges.  One is more modern-looking than the other, but they are both pretty cool.  The trick is to get a shot when no one is on them.  This can take some patience, and your group may get grumpy with you for lagging behind them.  Here’s a view of the wooden bridge.

After the bridge come the stairs.  It gets a little steep here, and if you’ve pushed a baby stroller this far, you will push it no further.  There are a couple short switchbacks and then a muddy incline.  Although there are multiple viewing locations, all but one were closed due to dangerous conditions.  Eventually you’ll reach Marymere Falls.

I don’t remember that huge branch (tree? limb?) sticking out at the top the last time I was there.  I find it distracting in the image and almost Photoshopped it out.  But if you Google Marymere Falls, pretty much every image has this in it, so I guess it’s a permanent thing.  I would never want to use Photoshop to make a scene look unrealistic.

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