Water Works in Maui

They say it’s always raining somewhere in Hawai’i.  It’s probably more accurate to say that it’s always raining somewhere on each island in Hawai’i, but that’s the cost of having a lush, tropical setting year-round.  And it’s usually still warm and sunny in most locations, while the rain is transient.  I don’t know if November is normally a good time (as far as weather goes) to be on Maui, but last November was one of the wettest they’ve ever had.

We took our first trip on the Road to Hana during this time (because, why not?) and apparently saw some things people don’t normally see due to the heavy rain.  Our guide was pretty awestruck with these waterfalls.  He repeatedly said he’d never seen this much water rushing over them.

Standing by the side of the road to get this shot, it was loud (like a jet engine) and wet.  I mean, it was wet everywhere.  The air was wet, even though it wasn’t raining at that exact moment.  Does it look more dramatic in a vertical format?

We started the day on the Ke’anae Peninsula.  Actually we started the day at about 4:00 in the morning in a Starbucks parking lot because we wanted to be at Ke’anae for sunrise.  When we got there, it was still dark.

Eventually it got lighter as the sun came up, but we never really got a sunrise.  Although that didn’t happen, the surf was certainly active, and that gave us a different kind of show.

Seriously, the waves that morning were most impressive.  Check out the height of the waves compared to the houses in this next one.

I took about 3 million shots of the above three things.  I just couldn’t leave that spot because it was so awesome.  Even though we didn’t get a gorgeous sunrise that day, the light was still beautiful.  When I was able to break myself away from looking at the waves, here’s how the scene looked with the sunrise light on it.

Perhaps that’s not the prettiest scene ever, but the light – the light!

It actually didn’t rain on us for our entire Road-to-Hana trip.  And what a trip it was!  I’ll be sharing the rest of the things we saw that day soon.

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