Atlanta at Night

Atlanta wasn’t all scene locations from The Walking Dead.  I also went to a fabulous Tex-Mex restaurant.  After that meal, complete with a live trivia game, my buddy and I explored the Centennial Olympic Park which was right across the street from our hotel.

SkyView Atlanta is what they call the Ferris wheel.  Although it didn’t look quite as big as the one here in Seattle, the Atlanta version has the distinction of actually being photographed by me.  We were pretty close to the thing when this image was taken (it’s a fairly wide-angel shot).  I couldn’t decide if I like the still version above or one where the wheel was in motion.

What’s not pictured in either of the above images is the guy who insisted on standing in front of us for an extended period of time.  Normally with a long exposure, you wouldn’t have to worry about people walking around in the shot because they’d disappear in the final image.  But when they stand completely still it becomes an issue, and a moderately long waiting game took place before I could get these shots.

Turning around, we could see the Omni Hotel – the CNN tower, which is where we were staying.

Since I could see the Ferris wheel from my room, I guess one of those windows in the tower on the right would have been mine.

Moving on from SkyView, there is the Fountain of Rings.

I waited for the man in the front there to move out of the frame before realizing he was taking a selfie.  I guess he wanted to get it just right because he was there for a pretty long time.  Now he’s forever immortalized here on this humble blog.

The next day our group trotted around the corner to The Tabernacle, which is an amazing music venue in downtown Atlanta.  Our performance this year was Eric Burdon and The Animals, and man did they ever rock.

I’ve been in to The Animals since high school, so I was especially excited about this year’s show.  After taking some backstage pictures I was a bit concerned about this older gentleman with the egg-shaped head still being able to belt it out, but those concerns were absolutely baseless.

The entire group rocked hard, and it was one of the best shows we’ve ever had.

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