Update from Kaua’i

I forgot to mention the other day that we went on a Photo Adventure Tour.  It was actually quite adventurous, fairly physical and, at times, a bit dangerous.  At one of the stops we happened across Bethany Hamilton surfing.  You probably know who she is even if you don’t recognize the name.  The image below will remind you.

Bethany Hamilton In ActionThere was nothing in particular going on – no surfing events or anything.  This was total coincidence.  After getting a sight of this particular beach, we decided that’s where we needed to go on our own the next day.  So that’s what we did.  We ended up having the entire beach to ourselves.

In the weird parking area, we actually ran into . . . Bethany Hamilton again.  This time she had just finished her surfing for the day and was packing up.  We said, “Hello,” and she wished us a pleasant day.  She seemed to me to be a very friendly person.  From there we hiked down to what would be our own private beach.

Do you see those rocks along the shore?  That was the last leg of our hike.  Having to navigate the rocks is probably the reason we had the whole place to ourselves.  Further around the bay, there’s some kind of water inlet with about 10 million tadpoles in it.  It ws just another beautiful part of this area.

A little ways past the inlet is another beach area that is completely protected by large rocks.  This gives it a swimming pool effect.  Around the corner of the far side of the bay there was just more natural beauty.

And, again, we had the entire place to ourselves.

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