Still In Kaua’i

We arrived in Kaua’i very late Saturday night.  It wasn’t until the next morning that we were able to see sights around us.  And what sights there are!  Even though we didn’t have an ocean view room, the view from our patio wasn’t that bad.

On Sunday, of course, we went to church.  Here is a shrine behind St. Raphael Church, which is the oldest one on Kaua’i.

They say it’s always raining somewhere in Hawai’i.  This week, I think, was a little more localized, and it’s fair to say that it was always raining somewhere in Kaua’i – usually wherever we were.  So, there were lots of clouds, odd lighting and the occasional shower.  Still, this meant getting some interesting shots when it wasn’t coming down.  It also meant having rainbows pretty much every day.

In the above image you can see one of the countless wild chickens with which Kaua’i is infested.  In a future post, I’ll probably relate the fairly amusing story of how the situation came to be.  For now, let’s just say that chicken-nado isn’t too far off.

Although Kaua’i is one of the quieter islands (read:  the opposite of Maui), there are still plenty of activities to enjoy.  For example, there’s fishing . . .

 Link to a full-res fishing photo

You can take the somewhat treacherous hike to Ho’opi’i Falls (making sure to eat some strawberry guava along the way).

One of the main things I wanted to accomplish during this trip was to get a picture of the Milky Way as seen from Earth.  The first several nights found the stars obscured by clouds.  This was profoundly frustrating because I repeatedly saw the stars and then ran to get my camera and tripod, only to return a minute later to find them completed hidden.  On Wednesday night, the trade winds were more favorable.

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