The Butchart Gardens in April

The Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  It was a limestone quarry first when the family who owned the property decided to turn it into a series of gardens.

The man who drove our shuttle bus out there strongly suggested touring the property moving in a clockwise direction.  He said that is the best way to get the full impact of the Sunken Garden.  We didn’t realize that would be one of the first things we came to, and he was absolutely correct.  I guess this is just a tease because i don’t have a great picture of the entire Sunken Garden.

We were at Butchart Gardens in late April.  In spite of the locals insisting that the weather is mild and pleasant year-round, it rained most of the time.  By luck, the rain didn’t actually fall while we toured the gardens.  It did, however, leave nice droplets on the petals.

Being Spring, the roses were not in bloom yet.  Instead, we had to settle for daffodils . . .

 . . . and tulips . . .

 . . . and whatever these are.

I guess it was okay without the roses.  Still, our hotel is already booked for late June.

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