Rainbow Over Tramp Harbor

Last week the weather was gray and rainy basically every day.  It was one of those Seattle patterns where it rained almost constantly for several days in a row.  The rain may have let up a little at times and gotten heavier at other times, but it almost never stopped.  Almost.  There were a few minutes here and there when the rain stopped coming down directly over Vashon Island.  On one of these occasions, here’s what I saw from my back deck:

I’m not sure I remember a time when a rainbow was so perfectly centered from my point of view.  If only one of those big shipping vessels was going by at the same time . . . now that would have been something.  So much so that I came very close to placing one in there myself with Photoshop.  Ultimately I decided to stick with the actual view.  Here’s a little different angle:

That tree in the foreground may, in fact, be one of the most photographed things in my collection.  Regular viewers should recognized its silhouette.  There’s another tree in my backyard with which I have kind of a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes I think the branches make good foreground elements, and sometimes I feel like they’re in the way and cluttering the scene.  Actually, most of the time I think they’re in the way and cluttering things up.  So, without further ado, here’s . . . the right side of the same rainbow:

Something I think is kind of interesting about this view is that you can see the rainbow going down nearby.  I didn’t think you could actually see the end of a rainbow, but I have seen this before.  Perhaps the pot of gold isn’t far off.

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