Some Recent Sunrises

Here’s how things looked from my back deck at around 7:00 this morning:

Here’s the same sunrise from just a few minutes earlier, when the sky was darker and even more vibrant:

I wonder what the people in that plane were seeing as they were coming in for a landing at Sea-Tac airport.  As luck would have it, today’s was the second spectacular sunrise in a row.  Here’s how it looked yesterday morning:

I’m not sure where that contrail is coming from because Sea-Tac is camera-left in this image, but it makes a good point of interest in my opinion.

So, I got two good sunrises in as many days.  Here’s another one from just two weeks ago, taken a little later during the event:

My Island might be filled with weirdos, and it’s a pain to get to the airport, but I guess I’ve got a pretty good view.  I can’t say that I wake up to this every day because usually the cloud-cover is so thick, there is no view at all.  It’s how I pictured the town in The Mist.  But there is always a chance that I’ll be working at my computer before dawn and look over to see something like the above.  And, while we’re at it, here’s one more:

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