Shooting HDR with the Sony NEX-7

Inspired by my most recent trip to New Orleans, during which the Sony NEX-7 was my near-constant companion, I finally decided to write up a tutorial on shooting for HDR using this camera.  The NEX-7 combines the ability to have up to 3 EV spacing between shots with intelligent auto-ISO functionality.  This means that shooting multiple exposures for HDR hand-held (at least in fairly decent light) is a real option.

Of course you still can mount the Sony NEX-7 on a tripod and shoot in any lighting conditions, but the size and weight of this 24 megapixel mirrorless system makes it such a good walking-around camera that it would be a shame to burden oneself with extra gear.  Today’s HDR software is pretty good at aligning images too, so a little bit of movement between frames is no longer a huge issue.

There’s also the fact that this camera makes it very easy to change between shooting exposure brackets to single images.  There’s hardly any thought or effort involved when going back and forth.   In my opinion, the Sony NEX-7 is an excellent tool for HDR work.

Please check out the new menu option above under the High Dynamic Range drop-down.  Or you can simply follow this link to Shooting HDR with the Sony NEX-7.

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