First Flight of 2014, part II

This is the end of the story begun in the previous post.

I did not make it to Indianapolis on this trip.  The next day I returned to the Minneapolis airport for a morning flight to Indy.  This flight was delayed several times before being cancelled outright.  Although the next flight they put me on (still to Indy) was shown as departing in the afternoon at MSP, a coworker contacted me about the Indy airport itself.  All flights into Indy had been canceled.  At this point, I decided that it would be pointless to try to continue this business trip and started working on getting back to Seattle.

We’ll truncate the story quite a bit here.  I flew back to Seattle without much hassle.  My checked luggage, however, did not return with me.  In spite of repeated assurances from Delta folks at the airport and on the phone, my luggage still went to Indy, the Atlanta.  It was a full week later that I finally received my well-traveled suitcase in Seattle.  Too bad I don’t get MQM’s for the luggage.

To end on a positive note, here is one more image of the sunrise over the Cascade Mountains on that first flight of 2014.

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