First Flight of 2014

It’s not going so well folks.  As usual, I needed to fly from Seattle to Indianapolis by way of Minneapolis.  The American Midwest is experiencing a fairly severe winter storm right now, and I expected some issues.  I did not, however, expect that my first delay would be at the ferry dock.

20140104-_DSC0219Note that at this point in my journey, I thought it was cold while waiting for the boat.  I had no conception of the cold I would experience before my day was through.

My flight was scheduled for 7:00 AM, and the first boat off The Island was at 4:45.  The boat was 45 minutes behind schedule, which caused some stress, but my excellent (if a bit odoriferous) taxi driver made it to the airport in great time.  After checking my trip on the Delta app, everything looked good.  I boarded my flight to Minneapolis.

We took off a little late though.  I worried about my connection, but the unaccompanied minor sitting next to me snoozed happily throughout the flight.  If she didn’t worry, why should I?

20140104-_DSC0227The above image is not my flight.  I was on the plane behind it.  Minneapolis was having weather of it’s own, but it was Indy that I was really worried about.  Although it was very cold in Minneapolis, Indy was expecting a foot of snow in a short period of time.  Since we took off late from Seattle, I was worried about making my already tight connection.  Before we get to what happened, let’s look at some images of the sunrise over the Cascade Mountain Range as we took off.

The above was shot early during the sunrise.  Since we were flying East, this must be facing, basically, North.  The image below was made a little later.  The flight went on.

I ended up having Cheerios for breakfast.

We landed late in Minneapolis, but my connection to Indy was delayed slightly, so my stress level went down a notch and a half.  I waited at the connecting gate while the flight was further delayed, but not to worry – we boarded.  Here’s an image of the plane next to ours to prove that I was actually on-board that flight.

20140105-_DSC0256By the way, my entire row from the Seattle flight was on this Indy flight.  What are the odds of that?  The guy siting across the aisle from me on the Seattle flight even talked to me while we waited to board the Indy flight.  That’s when I saw that unaccompanied minor again.  Still, we were boarding the plane, so that’s good, right?

But, alas, this was as close as I would get to Indianapolis this day.  The pilot waited until all the passengers had boarded and wrestled for overhead space before telling us that the entire airport at Indy was shut down.  They got their foot of snow; it came faster than an inch per hour, and they couldn’t keep up.  So now I’m here in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Delta kept my checked luggage, and told me it would be there in Indy when I land.  As the tuna once said, “Sorry Charlie.”

It’s currently 18 degrees below zero here, and I am bereft of a change of underwear.  My Weather Channel app says it feels like -43 degrees with the wind-chill.  When I go outside my whiskers freeze into crunchy needles almost immediately.  It hurts to breathe.  Apparently Indy is getting this deep freeze tomorrow.  We’ll see if I actually take off as I am now scheduled . . .

And what of that unaccompanied minor?  She was a chubby little redheaded girl with a gigantic backpack.  She watched Despicable Me 2 on the first flight when she wasn’t napping.  Where is she spending the night tonight?  Is she safe?  Cold?  Alone?

We’ll pray for her tonight.

If I get any awesome images from the rest of my journey, I’ll keep you up to date.  If not, let’s just assume that I made it to my destination, and things were uneventful.

We’ll go ahead and assume that Unaccompanied Minor made safely it to her destination as well.

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