Landing In a Storm

We were on our “final” approach into the Indianapolis “international” airport this afternoon at about 4:00. I knew that there was a big storm passing over the Midwest that was supposed to be centered over Indy at this time and wondered what would happen.

Our pilot told us that we were at 4000 feet and would just keep going for another pass. With winds at 75+ MPH, the idea was that the worst of it would blow over quickly and we’d be able to land.

The above shot looks to me like we’re flying into the apocalypse.  Thankfully I was sitting on the left side of the plane, so we were flying along side of the apocalypse (title of my memoir, perhaps?).

A short time later the pilot came back on and told us that we still couldn’t land and that we’d “just fly around a little.” He literally said that. Remember, we were at 4000 feet. He assured us we had plenty of fuel. I was shooting pictures as fast as I could. It was a little tough for me to keep the camera level to the horizon; thankfully our pilot did a better job.  Here’s me looking back at the storm.

Eventually the pilot informed us that the control tower at Indy had just been evacuated. I’m no aviation expert, but I was pretty sure this meant we wouldn’t be landing at Indy any time soon. Sure enough, we diverted to the Cincinnati airport, which is actually in the great state of Kentucky.

Eventually we made it back to Indianapolis only a few hours later than our originally-scheduled arrival time.

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