Today’s Sunrise

Sorry for the long delay between updates, but there was a vacation in there to a very photogenic place that will be featured here soon.  I probably wouldn’t have even posted anything today, but the sunrise was just too spectacular.

In case you didn’t already know, this is from my back deck.  For those of you who know a little bit about cameras and post-processing, you may find it interesting that this is almost straight-out-of-camera.  I made lens corrections for distortion and the blacks just a bit blacker.  That’s it.

This was shot from atop a steady tripod in manual mode.  Once I got my composition the way I wanted it, I kept trying out different exposures until I saw something I liked.  As soon as I saw the above on the LCD of the camera, I immediately thought that no one would believe this is really how it looked.

Below is another shot of the same thing, taken a few minutes prior to the one above.  Obviously it’s a wider angle.  The reason it looks brighter is because I held the shutter open a little longer to let in more light.

Oftentimes I’m glad that big tree is there on the right because it gives me a good framing device.  However, if the tree wasn’t there, you would be able to see the top of Mt. Rainier behind Maury Island.  One side of it was pink and the other was light blue.

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