Evolution of a Sunrise

Shortly after waking up this morning, I looked outside and had a feeling there was going to be a good sunrise.

Evolution of a Sunrise 1/4For spectacular sunrises, you need a fairly clear sky but not one that is completely empty of all clouds.  So many sunrises here in the Pacific Northwest are completely hidden by thick cloud cover, but a few wispy clouds will light up with the sun at its lowest level on the horizon.

Evolution of a Sunrise 2/4As the sun gets closer to breaking the horizon, most of the pink color will wash out of the sky, but the contrast between yellow and blue will intensify.  Below is a shot immediately before the sun rose over the top of the Cascade Mountains.  (15-Dec-2013:  I guess I lost it.  I can’t find this image.  I’ll keep looking though.  For now, here’s a picture of a different sunrise.)

Evolution of a Sunrise 3/4And here is the sunrise immediately after the sun has broken the plane of the horizon.

Evolution of a Sunrise 4/4Less than a minute after I took the above image, the sky was so bright that almost all color was faded away.  The entire sequence from the first shot to the last took 35 minutes.

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