Name That Mountain

As you’re probably aware, the Cascade Mountain Range is a pretty big natural feature of the Pacific Northwest.  The range is largely accountable for the soggy weather here as it traps the moist marine air that flows in off the Pacific Ocean.  It stops the clouds from moving further inland and gives us our wonderful year-round rain.

Regular readers will also know that I travel frequently.  This means I fly out of Sea-Tac airport in Seattle and cross, wait for it, the Cascade Mountain Range.  Because the mountains are fairly near the city, we aren’t that high in the air when we pass.  Photographically speaking, the challenge is that it is usually overcast, and the clouds obscure the view of the mountains.  But there are those rare days when the mountains are clear.

The following were taken from inside a commercial airline (through the layers of plastic windows, which have their own challenges) on different days.  Can you name all of them?

Hint:  I was flying out of Seattle, so these probably aren’t Oregon mountains.

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