Lake Crescent Gallery Posted

More images from my trip to Lake Crescent have been posted over at my Smugmug site.

This first one is of the sunset on our first night.  In fact, I arrived at the lake while sunset was already in-progress.  Our site did not have a view of the Western sky, so I had to scout out a place to be able to see it.

Sunset as Seen from the Eastern-Most End

While shooting the sunset above, I turned the lens on these amazing-looking homes on the other side of the lake.  It was almost full dark at this point.

Some Fabulous Homes at Night

Sunrise was at 5:15 am, and I woke up with plenty of time.  While sipping coffee, I captured a ton of sunrise images, including this one with the clouds moving in low.  The actual sunrise was happening outside the left part of the following frame.

Low Clouds in the Morning

Below is the sunrise-proper from our first full day at the lake.  I’m used to seeing clouds in the sky when shooting sunrise, but these were practically right on the water.  The water, by the way, was about as calm as I could have hoped for.

Sunrise with Low Clouds

Speaking of calm water, that’s always good for reflections.  We were frequently visited by this mama raccoon during our stay.

Reflection of Wildlife

The short hike to Marymere Falls provides many scenic views, like this stream rushing over the rocks.

Stream Near Marymere Falls

Here’s another image to give you an idea of how calm, clear and blue the waters of Lake Crescent are.

Clear and Calm Water

Please check out the full Lake Crescent gallery.

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