Just Returned from Crescent Lake

We just got back from a long weekend at Lake Crescent (or Crescent Lake, apparently both are acceptable) and had a fantastic time.  It was the perfect short vacation with just enough activities and down-time to be very satisfying and fully enjoyable.

The lake was formed by glaciers and is mainly filled with glacial water.  A few thousand years ago a landslide cut it off from a larger water system.  This has the effect of reducing the amount of nitrogen in the water to almost nothing, and that means that algae cannot grow.  Without algae this crystal clear water remains remarkably blue all the time.

First up is an image that was originally a throw-away.  While I was working a sunrise scene, another photographer came over to me and asked about exposure bracketing.  One thing led to another, and I ended up giving a quick workshop in shooting for HDR.  The exposures that went into this image were never meant to be keepers – I didn’t really compose the scene or wait for any particular moment to shoot.  This is just how my camera was aimed when I showed the guy how to shoot a bracketed series.

Lake Crescent Sunrise

After processing, I think I’ll keep this one.

Update:  The folks over at PhotoCamel.com decided to make this one of their Photos of the Week.

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