Late Sunset from the South-End Ferry

We were getting back from a day trip to Portland and got onto the 9:20 ferry to the south end of Vashon Island.  This one goes from Pt. Defiance in Tacoma to Tahlequah on the Island.  The sun sets late and slowly here at this time of the year.  While we were waiting in the ferry line, we could tell that something special was simmering, but we couldn’t really see anything past the trees, buildings and other cars.

When we got on the boat I rushed to the upper deck to see what we’d been missing.

Sunset from the ferry - medium focal length

The above image is the scene I most wanted to capture and convey.  This is how I remember seeing the sunset when I first got above deck.  Below is basically the same view but at a tighter angle/focal length.

Sunset from the ferry - tight focal length

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know which mountain this is.  I guess that’s a luxury of living in the Pacific NW – there are some many great mountains that we don’t always know which one we’re looking at.  Below is the same sunset again, at the widest view my lens allows.

You may notice the angle of the composition is different between these images.  This is proof that we were on a moving boat at the time.  Speaking of the ferry, below is a view of the boat itself.  Here are a few of the windows of the wheelhouse as we moved north toward the Island.

As always, you can click the images above to see full-resolution versions and buy prints in all kinds of sizes.

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