Skagit Valley Tulips

We were in Mount Vernon, WA (confusing, I know, but this is Washington state) recently to see the tulips.  We missed the actual Tulip Festival by a couple days but fortunately the flowers themselves don’t pack up and leave on a certain date.

Skagit Valley tulipsThese images were taken at Roozengaarde Farm which maintains the large garden through which we walked as well as many acres of the plants.  I honestly had no idea there are so many varieties of tulips.  And yes, they make liberal use on variations of tiptoeing through the tulips.

Skagit Valley tulips

(I love my Nikon D800 so much)

I’m not sure the weather could have been much better for strolling through gardens of brightly-colored flowers.  It was bright and sunny and not too hot.  From a photographic standpoint, however, it wasn’t so good.  The extreme contrasts between light and shadows were a constant challenge.  Another challenge was keeping my composure when the wind blew in certain directions.  This is farm country, after all, and the pungent aroma of animal leavings was ever-present.  Sometimes, however, the air was so ripe it almost brought tears to my eyes.  Fortunately that’s not something the camera can capture.

Skagit Valley tulips


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