Misty Harbor

Just below the North/South midpoint of Vashon Island there is a crossroads that could take you either on the Burton Loop or toward the southernmost tip of the Island.  It is here where you find inner Quartermaster Harbor (yes, there is an outer harbor as well.)  Although often vibrant and colorful, the boats moored at this inlet looked particularly interesting to me on this misty morning as the fog was wearing off.

Misty HarborTurning around from inner Quartermaster Harbor, one would find the Vashon Inn.  An argument could be made that the roof could use some de-mossification, but then we’d miss these patterns and study in depth perception.

Shell on the Roof

What caught my eye originally was the seashell up there.  I asked a 10-year-old girl how she thought a shell could end up on the roof, believing I had already logically reasoned it out myself.  She explained how a seagull was probably eating the previous inhabitant of the shell and, when finished, just dropped what was left any old place.  That sounds about right.

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