Rainbow Connection

There I was, alone in my living room, catching up on the second season of The Walking Dead, humbly wiping nacho cheese Dorito spore on my dog as I pet her.  It had been raining all day, and the outside world was both darker and brighter than it should have been at the time – kind of an early, unnatural twilight feeling.  Just as I started remembering why I don’t like Shane, I happened to look over my left shoulder out the East windows.  I saw a piece of the most brilliant rainbow I’d ever seen.

Rainbow Connection Medium

Fumbling to find the “pause” button on the PS3 controller (up, down, X, right, right, flawless victory), I grabbed the camera and headed outside.  While dialing in the settings on my Nikon, a persistent voice in my mind reminded me of something I’d read somewhere.  Usually the voices in my head are more distracting (although amusing) than helpful, but in this case the voice kept whispering  “Use a polarizing filter to take pictures of rainbows . . . “.  I’m not making this up.

Rainbow Connection Tight

The point is that I used the polarizing filter attached to the front of my lens, and that made all the difference.

I’ve posted these images a few different places before writing this, and the two questions I’ve most been asked are these:  “How close to reality are these pictures?” and “How much saturation did you add?”  Both questions somewhat vex my spirit because they imply that I am somehow lying with the pictures.  I am, however, grateful that the questions present me with opportunities to deal with resentment and focus on acceptance.  The answer to both questions is this:  “Do you like what you see?”

Rainbow Connection Far

Anyway, the point is that this rainbow only presented itself for about 10 minutes and then was gone forever.  For some reason I looked up from my television program and saw it, had the equipment to capture it and was able to run outside and press the right buttons to bring you these images.  Did I mention that these were made right out on my back deck?

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