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Most of you probably saw my Abandoned K2 Headquarters post (heck, it was only a couple posts ago) where I suggested that I might go back after that first visit.  Well, I went back a few days later, this time a little earlier in the evening.

Loading Docks Redux

Loading Docks Redux – Nice of the crows to line up like that

This time I don’t have a running narrative to go with the images, so please click the links with the pictures to go to the full gallery.

Back Lot Graffiti

Back Lot Graffiti

I will say this, though.  I met the caretaker, Frank, again.  This time I had the images from the first session available on my phone and showed them to him.  He seemed genuinely happy with how they came out.  I have a feeling he is another person who doesn’t naturally see what beauty there can be in the dilapidated and disused of the world.

Warning Shack

Warning Shack

All of these HDR images were merged in Photomatix Pro.

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