July 4th Fireworks Over Quartermaster Harbor

We sat along a rocky, bedriftwooded shore.  I think the actual ground was about a foot below the soft surface we stood on.  There were a LOT of people there; it was crowded but didn’t feel crowded.  It felt homey and neighborly.  In fact, scattered along the harbor were many people we know.  I guess the authorities aren’t too particular about what people take off of reservations around here because it seemed like everyone had huge aerials to light off before the “real” show started.  Some guys next to us had a very respectable arsenal they were lighting off about five feet away.

Vashon Fireworks

Very Local Fireworks

At one point a different group of enthusiastic celebrants had a bit of unexpected excitement when a large portion of their stash (large, powerful shells) ignited on the ground.  Although interesting, I’m betting the people who fled screaming didn’t have time to appreciate the show.  We were just far enough away to be out of the acute zone of terror.

The actual show was great.  I was able to get several shots that included the reflection in the water.

More images from this great show can be found in the Vashon Island July 4th Fireworks gallery.

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