Another Tramp Harbor Sunrise

True Story:  Today is the 4th of July, and I have the day off from work.  I spontaneously woke up just before 5:00am and felt compelled to actually get out of bed.  My inner photographer must have sensed something and wanted me to see if there was anything to take a picture of.  There was.  Another beautiful sunrise over Tramp Harbor.

Sunrise Over Tramp Harbor

Last night I was told that something unusual happens on Vashon Island the morning of the 4th of July but wasn’t told what it was – only that I would hear it.  At around 6:00, an unearthly whining, buzzing noise rose off the water, crescendoed and seemed to move around the island.  I never saw a thing, which made the effect even more ethereal.  Eventually it became obvious that this was the traditional early-morning jet-ski cruise around Vashon Island.  Even though I never saw them, it was still pretty cool.

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