St. Louis Cathedral

I’ve been back from New Orleans for a couple days now, and I realize the posts aren’t coming any faster.  There are just so many images to process, and I haven’t decided how to present them yet.

I was there for a business conference (two, actually) that had nothing to do with photography.  Almost every day was taken up entirely with the conference inside the massive hotel at which we were staying, and my evenings were a scramble to get out and shoot as much as possible.  To those ends, the days went from 6:00 am until midnight before I really had time to pause and think about things.

But the blog is still here, and I’ll do my best to get back on track with regular updates soon.

For now, here is an image of the back of St. Louis Cathedral, which is located in the French Quarter.  The courtyard I’m shooting over is between two equally interesting alleys (visually speaking, of course) that you’ll see later.  This shadow is cast with a light pointing at a relatively small statue.  Well, the statue is life-sized (for a person), but the wall is mammoth.

Behind St. Louis Cathedral

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