Oil Paint Filter

Back in the old days (which is technically right now), there was (is) an add-on application for Photoshop CS5 called PixelBender.  I guess it did all kinds of cool things, but I never used it so don’t know personally.  With the arrival of Photoshop CS6 beta, at least some of that functionality is now baked in to Photoshop-proper.  One of the options is a filter called Oil Paint.  As you might imagine, it turns your photograph into something resembling a cross between a watercolor and a metal sculpture.  Oh, no wait . . . I just read it actually makes your photograph look like an oil painting.  That makes more sense.

Here’s an image of one of the Washington State Ferries taken while on the deck of another ferry.  It was an almost perfectly clear afternoon, and the Olympic Mountains behind the other boat were simply majestic.  I decided to take the Oil Paint filter for a spin.

Ferry in Oil Paint

Order print here.

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