St. James Cathedral

The Rite of Election was celebrated last night at the St. James Cathedral in downtown Seattle.  I’m sure it was celebrated elsewhere as well, but this is the one I went to.  It is quite the ceremony.  Candidates and catechumens who wish to become Catholic declare their intentions by going to the top of the church and bellowing from the belfry, “I want to be Catholic!” three times before chiseling their name in a giant slab of stone underneath the building.

Wait, that’s not what happened at all.

Actually it was a very beautiful and, at times, solemn ceremony during which the names of each of the 200+ initiates (candidates and catechumens alike) were read aloud as we all lined up to meet the Archbishop.  Normally I only get star-struck around famous photographers and professional wrestlers, but there really was something about standing face-to-face with and shaking the hand of Archbishop Sartain last night.

St. James Cathedral

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