Snow in Seattle

Snow-mageddon!  Snow-pocalypse!  Snow-zilla!  Alien Snow-vasion!  Apocalypse S-now!  World War Snow!  Joy Behar!

It doesn’t snow here very often.  At least, that’s what I’m told.  It has snowed at least once every winter since I moved here.  What is true, however, is how most people don’t know what to do when the snow comes.  Even the city – we apparently have a snow plow shortage.  Many people have difficulty driving, including the bus drivers.

At any rate, I still get excited by snow and don’t have to go anywhere this week.  So here are some pictures from near the house.

As I was walking back from taking pictures I heard a sound like a gunshot, but it came from above me.  I looked up to see huge chunks of frozen snow falling from the top of a tree under which I was standing.  It looked like the whole top of the tree was coming down.  An expletive and a quick side-hop later, a miniature avalanche crashed down in front of me.  Without thinking I said aloud, “Thanks for the warning God!”  I mean, without that first crack of noise, my camera could have been damaged.

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