Shooting with the Big Dogs

NWCC 1The other day, Janet and Megan over at NW Canine Connections let me stop by to shoot some pictures of my dog and her friends.  Although I always enjoy hanging out with dogs, I looked at this as more of a photographic learning opportunity.  You know, action shots.  I will say this – shooting dogs at play was much more challenging than a girls soccer game.

Fortunately, I had an edge.  The new Nikon D700 I got recently is better than the D7000 at writing to and then clearing the image buffer.  Like the D7000, I can take 7 frames-per-second.  Unlike the D7000, the D700 allows me to do that for more than 1 second before pausing to clear the buffer.  In less than 30 minutes, I had taken over 500 shots.

Nikon cameras have this thing called 3-D Dynamic Auto-Focusing which, when used with continuous-servo focus, let’s you take pictures of dogs.  Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it?  Actually it’s pretty cool stuff.  The idea is that the focusing sensor can latch on to moving subjects and follow them whether they are moving side-to-side or toward or away from the camera.  In spite of this, I did end up with some photos where the dogs were a total blur, but the fence and trees behind then were in sharp focus.

Now, you may be thinking that Sugar looks less like her friendly self in one of the above shots.  You should see the frame I took right after that.  Janet assures me that Sugar was providing “a correction” to the much bigger Denali.  You see, Sugar plays hard and can dish it out as well as take it.  But that doesn’t mean she takes crap for anyone, and when the line is crossed . . .

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