A Humbling Experience

A couple weeks before Christmas I was in the audience watching Gabrielle in the Nutcracker.  At the intermission I checked my email and read one from a man who had recently bought one of my pictures from the Quartermaster Inn (yes they’re still hanging there, except for the one pictured here).  He was there with his family a week previous, and apparently bees have some significance for them.

Shortly after buying the artwork, his mother-in-law passed away.

While the rest of the family was away making arrangements, he was at home trying to decide how to handle the rest of Christmas.  He decided to purchase seven additional framed copies of this image – one for each of the children and grandchildren.  I had just an instant of excitement at selling eight pieces in one deal before the feeling turned into intense gratitude for this opportunity to contribute at least a little something positive to the situation.  Every little detail worked out perfectly, from printing to framing to the delivery.

I remember taking this picture.  I was out in my backyard practicing with depth-of-field, and this bee decided to stay still for me so I could focus.  It wasn’t originally part of the showing.  Later I got some special printer paper and decided to try this one out.  I thought it looked pretty good and put it into the showing during the third month.

And now, I guess, there is a copy of it hanging in all these family members’ homes.  It is truly humbling to think how such a small thing on my part could just maybe mean a lot more to someone else.  I really hope those people enjoyed their presents and are able to heal.

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  1. Beckie says:

    As you are aware, three of your pieces hang in our ‘Cowboy room’ and bring me sweet pleasure and gratitude for my history every day.

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