All for the Sake of Art

Well, it’s done . . .

Please recall that this was done at the request of the director of the play which opens tomorrow night.  She asked me, point-blank, and the first audition if I was willing to do this.  Heidi was even there, and we conferred (using furtive glances) and agreed.  At least I think we did.  I’m the one who has to walk around like this in November.  And to answer the question that everyone seems to have – no, I won’t be coloring the facial hair.  This is part of the look the director wants.

On a related note, the first two shows are sold out.  Looks like you can still get tickets at brownpapertickets for the Sunday evening show.

On a not-really-related note, today is First Friday around the Island of Vashon and that means art openings.  This is why we can’t rehearse tonight at the theater.  This frees me up to attend the opening of the 4th month of my photography show at the Quartermaster Inn.  Wonder how people will react to the hair . . .

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