New Puget Sound Gallery

Pt. Robinson Lighthouse

Pt. Robinson Lighthouse

New Puget Sound gallery posted at my smugmug site.

I realize I have been slacking a bit from posts on this site, so hopefully this (mostly) new gallery of pictures will make up for it.  You’ve seen some of these before, but several are new. and the picture to the right is not one of them.  By now you know that you can find my artwork on, my smugmug site and my Flickr site.  Yes, there is overlap, but there are also images and musings at each site that are not on any of the others.

In case you needed an excuse for the deficiency in posts lately, I could site the fact that in addition to my normal travel and work load, I somehow got cast in a play.  No really, I did.  Here’s the evidence:

I may or may not be getting my hair bleached blonde for the part tomorrow afternoon.

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