Maui a Photographic Bust

Afternoon in Lahaina

Afternoon in Lahaina

I just got back from a week in Maui.  The vacation was great – definitely better October weather than in Seattle.  But this is a photo blog, not my vacation rehash, and the photos didn’t come out so great.  Why am I disappointed in the pictures I took in Hawaii?  Well, unlike the Seattle Underground shoot, I didn’t look at the results and think wow, that’s exactly how I felt when I was there.

One theory I have is that I’ve gotten used to shooting in the Pacific Northwest where, even on sunny days, it’s not super bright out.  Light has a temperature.  Did you know that?  The luminance of color is measured in degrees Kelvin.  Outdoor light is provided by the sun.  That’s probably not startling news to anyone, but think about it.  Our planet is big enough so that, depending on your location, the colors reflected back to you are different.  The further you are from the equator, the further sunlight has to travel through our atmosphere.  The further light travels through the atmosphere, the more particles itpasses through.  Those particles affect the color of light.

Dang, I think I burned 12 calories just thinking about all that.  The point is, my theory on why I took crummy pictures in Maui is that I am used to shooting in the Seattle area and not in the Maui area.  Well, you can decide for yourself.  I posted a Maui Gallery over at my smugmug site.

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