Spooky Places

A Place to Trick-r-Treat?

A gallery of spooky places has been posted over at my smugmug site (the spooky gallery is disabled for now).  This started out as a request from a friend to provide some options for a possible birthday present for her sister.  She’s considering getting a creepy graveyard print and knew I had a collection of such images.  That, however, is another story.

Sensing that there were only so many pictures of burial markers at which most people would want to look, I decided to carry on from the Seattle Underground gallery and go for a collection of creepy places in general.  When you look through the gallery, you may not agree that all these places are creepy or spooky or even mildly eerie.  The goal was to create a little atmosphere a provide glimpses of places that, perhaps, you’d rather not be.  In that respect, the best adjective might be uncomfortable.

Why, you might be wondering, would I want to post, or even create, artwork that may cause discomfort.  Well, I think I say somewhere on this site that I’m interested in the emotional aspect of photography.  Why do people watch horror movies or read scary books?  For some of us, it’s fun.

So sit back, turn off the lights and please enjoy the images.  Just ask yourself, would you like to be alone at these places, or would you rather be . . . wait . . . what was that noise?

Gallery of Spooky Places – sorry, the gallery turned out to be too spooky to keep up.

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