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The Ruined Doorway

Seattle Underground Gallery

Recently, I took the Seattle Underground Tour in hopes of finding some HDR photographing opportunities.  I wasn’t disappointed at all with the photo ops, just the speed with which we were hustled through the sites.  Still, I managed to get a few decent shots.

Background:  Most of modern-day Seattle is actually built about 15 feet above ground.  Apparently the original settlers were unfamiliar with tide marshes and weren’t prepared for how the land changes between low and high tides.  So, the town was built and washed away several times before becoming what we now think of as Downtown Seattle.  Throughout the decades, this city beneath the city also went through many changes.  There was bootlegging, brothel-maintaining and lots of other exciting activities.  As with most urban detritus, a build-up of time and grime can lead to, well, art (of a sort).

All the images are high-dynamic range (HDR) composites.  Most of the scenes took 7 different exposures to capture all of the highlights, shadows and details.  Since it’s that time of the year, I thought I’d emphasize the creepiness of the experience during post-processing.

Head on over to my Smugmug site to see what I’ve put up so far:  Seattle Underground Gallery.  And while you’re there, imagine wandering these places by yourself, at night.  If that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, now imagine that instead of Seattle you were underneath . . . Tacoma!!!

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