Rainy Day in Brugge

After a long period of summery weather in Seattle (ten days with temperatures in the 80’s), it rained today.  That’s certainly nothing new, but it felt different.  If felt like summer was really over.  The leaves are starting to turn, it gets darker about two hours earlier than just a few weeks ago and the sky was a solid, mottled grey all day.  I think the last couple weeks were an abbreviated version of our normally lazy Indian Summers.

In celebration of this return to normalcy, I wanted to post some rainy-day images.  However, today was not a good day to take the camera gear outside.  So, instead, I’ll use this as an excuse to dust off some old chestnuts and post a gallery of pictures of rainy places other than Seattle.

Actually, these were all taken in the same place – Brugge, Belgium.  I’m still amazed at what this little point-and-shoot camera is capable of.  All images were optimized in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to bring out the gloom and beauty I experienced that day.

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