All of the Knodt Farm Available

We have a visitor this week who, since she became aware of them, has been a big fan of the Knodt farm images I created this past summer.  A handful of them have been up at my Smugmug site for awhile now, but I put the rest up today.  This is all the artwork that came out of that great morning in Minnesota.

I talked a little bit about the shoot on my HDR page, but here’s the quick rundown again:  We were staying at Heidi’s family’s farm in Rosemount, MN last July, and I couldn’t wait to get out and shoot all the awesome old farming implements and constructions.  At just after sunrise (because I couldn’t change time-zones and be up AT sunrise in the same 24-hour period), I trudged outside with my camera and tripod.  At 7:00 am it was already fairly warm, but the ground was still saturated (get it?) with dew.  I spent the whole morning sloshing around in soaking wet shoes that became soaking wet cuffs, which, eventually, became soaking wet pants.  The point is, I was wet and uncomfortable and covered in cobwebs.

But the pictures speak for themselves.  What I mean to say is, when you have a decent enough camera and point it at something spectacular, there’s a good chance the end result will be satisfying.  This was one of those places to which I was just fortunate enough to have access, and the lighting conditions were just right.  In fact, because the sun was still so low on the horizon, different angles around different corners produced totally different lighting situations.  That’s why some of the pictures look like it may be high-noon while others look like it might be just before dusk.  This was fairly extreme side-lighting, in and among large structures.

So head on over to The Knodt Farm gallery at Smugmug and give ’em a look.  And if you happen to run into a Knodt (you’ll know by their accent), tell them I said, “Hi” and “thanks for the hospitality.”

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  1. Beth Knodt says:

    Future cousin-in-law, these mean a lot to me. My heart breaks with homesickness looking at them. I spent so many summers running through and between these buildings and in the surrounding fields. Such great pictures. Thank you.

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