Velvet Fine Art Paper

The makers of my amazing printer also produce some very nice papers to go with it.  A product that’s on the artistic side is their Velvet Fine Art paper.  It has a very rough, cottony texture that is sort of like canvas but without the cross-hatch pattern.  Once I had it in my hands (and that is a good place to evaluate it), I wondered what types of images would be best suited for this medium.  It looks and feels like something to which you’d apply watercolor, but that’s not something I do (at the moment).

Thinking of watercolor paintings, I decided to try out the images that utilized shallow depth of field.  These are pictures shot with a wide aperture such that only part of the scene is in sharp focus.  Since this type of shot lends itself to things like flowers, that’s what I tried.

Scanning the prints and then uploading them here seemed kind of silly, so you’ll have to settle for the digital versions.  What impressed me was how the blurry portions did look a little like a watercolor, but the in-focus parts were still very sharp.  Now, how to display.

Taking the textured paper and hiding it under glass didn’t seem like the best thing to do.  After some deliberation I decided to mount and frame the images without the glass – just a frame and the open world.  The Bee! piece above is part of this month’s showing at the Quartermaster Inn.  I guess I’m actually expecting people to walk up and touch it.  The tactile sensation is pretty cool – you might be surprised how purple feels different than green.  If people are uncomfortable with touching hanging art, the texture is still much more noticeable with the naked eye than it would have been behind glass.

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  1. H.C. says:

    Purple feels different than green?

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