Fishing at Lisabeula Park

There was a special run of salmon this year in our area of the Puget Sound.  There was almost three times as many fish going past our island as usual.  Our resident King of Retirement, Clyde, was catching at least one per day for awhile, sometimes multiple per day.  Even little Gab brought one home.  Our smoker and grill were very happy to keep in constant supply of fresh sustenance.  If you like salmon, there is nothing better than pulling one out of the water and cooking it that day.

Fishing at Lisabeula Park

The scenery isn’t bad either.  The above picture was taken at Lisabeula Park, where all our fish were caught.  If you look closely, Heidi, Gabby and Clyde are all in this picture.  Sugar was also in the original picture, but she got cropped out for being a naughty dog that day.

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