Sugar Meets a Horse

Sugar Meets a Horse

It’s a holiday weekend, so you’re getting a two-fer on the posts.

Gab and I went out to shoot Mt. Rainier one evening when the conditions were clear.  There’s a neat spot on the Island, next to Misty Isle Farms, where the viewing is good, so we went there and parked the car.  Somehow, the dog managed to get a spot in the car and come with us.  Across the street from the farm is the horse ranch where Gab takes her riding lessons, so after the shoot we went over there to say “Hi” to Spinkles and Tommy.

Well, Sugar had never seen a horse before (at least, I assume she never saw one at the pound, but I could be wrong).  True to her nature, she was pretty laid back about the whole thing and took it in as another of life’s experiences.  Gab and I, on the other hand, thought it was the coolest thing how the two species looked at and sniffed each other.

Both were probably thinking I wonder what the food is like on that side of the fence.  At any rate, it was a moment.

Another interesting story about Misty Isle Farms.

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