Had to read the histogram

Vertical Driftwood

This was taken at KVI Beach on Vashon Island.  I actually took lots of pictures of this weathered stick in the ground, but I liked the one with the sailboat underneath.

The challenge here was how bright and sunny it was that day.  Knowing that my D7000 has a tendency to overexpose in bright conditions, I figured I’d have to compensate a little.  However, it was so bright that I couldn’t really see the LCD screen on the back of the camera, so I had no way of knowing how these pictures were turning out from that.  Since sunny days are so rare, I figured I wouldn’t exactly be able to come back another day.  I had to rely on the somewhat mysterious histogram instead.

I dialed down the exposure by a full stop and had to trust the information the histogram gave me.  Although the images were still a little overexposed once I got home and could see them, they were manageable.

BTW – I have since purchased an 8x Neutral Density filter.

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