The Rest of the Engels Shoot

Well, not really.  Here are just a few more per request.  There are several others, but we’d start getting redundant (same shots, different angles).  These, with Cadillacs at Rust, are a good sampling of what I saw on that first day in the side yard of Engels Service Station.  The place has been run continuously by the same family (you can guess what their last name is) for at least three generations.  Apparently they never get rid of their old vehicles.  There’s an area with just the wreckers from throughout the years.  There is also a lot of property I haven’t even explored yet.  So, the next time Heidi’s car breaks down, we may get some more images.

For newer and, I think, better images from the Engels Repair Yard, please head over to the current gallery.  Except for maybe the last image (of the Chevy), these would be examples of bad HDR work.

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