How it all began

Cadillacs At Rust

To say this was the first photograph I ever shot in RAW format would be a bit of a lie.  However, it was part of that first shoot at Engel’s Service Station and was definitely the first I edited in Adobe Camera RAW.

Using Scott Kelby’s suggestions for getting the “grunge” look (I live in Seattle after all), this was also the first image I created that made me think wow, photography can actually be art.  And thus began my passion for Fine Art Photography.

On a side note, I happened to be playing with this image while on a flight to Indianapolis.  One of the flight attendants stopped by, leaned over my shoulder and said something like, “Cool picture.”  After I told her they were old Cadillacs permanently parked outside a service station, she became quite unfriendly, glared down at me and said, “Yes, I know what they are.  My husband restores classic cars.”  Sheesh, excuse me for not recognizing you as Queen of Old Cars.

But I digress . . . oh yes, Fine Art Photography is good.

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  1. Steve says:

    I happened to be driving past Engels the other day with the custom-framed version of this piece in my backseat, so I decided to stop and show it to the guys. They weren’t supper impressed, but Lou (the current elder of the shop) pointed at each of the cars and said “’46, ’47, ’46.”

    So, of course, I asked “In that order?” To which he simply replied, “Yes.”

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